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In Concepción prison they seize weapons, drugs and cell phones

The procedure was carried out in pavilion “E” where only members of the PCC are present and from different cells, 27 polyethylene bags containing granulated tobacco of 30 grams each package, 29 white weapons (all homemade), seven iron rods used as stabbing weapons, three various notebooks, two live cartridges of caliber .38 Special of the “PMG” brand.
Five cell phone devices were also found with their respective chips and marijuana totaling 320.1 grams. While the search was being carried out, the prisoners in that pavilion were taken to the patio to check the cells and avoid excesses.
Prison agents and the police participated in the procedure, with the support of the Prosecutor’s Office. These types of operations have been carried out in all prisons and generally target the sectors destined for PCC members, who are the ones who accumulate drugs and weapons. The question is how these things get into the hands of the inmates.

The entrance In Concepción prison they seize weapons, drugs and cell phones was first published in diary TODAY.

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