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“Only a miracle from God and the prayer of the people can save us from this”

An alleged case of sexual abuse happened in June last year at a private tennis club. The authors would be four adolescents between 13 and 14 years old.

Alfredo Delgado, lawyer for the victim’s family, detailed in an interview with Gen/Nación Media that the 13-year-old girl suddenly changed her behavior, lowered her school performance and began to self-flagellate, a fact that alarmed her parents, so who referred her to a psychologist for treatment.

“The specialist was able to determine the abuse during the treatment of the girl,” he said. The alleged abuse would have occurred within the club’s facilities and the aggressors are 3 14-year-olds and one 13-year-old, who is not responsible.

After the complaint, the investigation fully confirmed the existence of the punishable act, said the lawyer, who stated that at the time there was some fear, since those involved are children whose parents have construction companies with contracts with the State.

In this sense, he highlighted the courage and work of the Prosecutor’s Office that has already formulated the corresponding indictment, and the authors are exposed to 8 years in prison.

In turn, he regretted that the authorities of the private club have ignored the complaint and did not provide any type of protection to the family and the victim. “The father presented the note to the president of the social club, but he ignored it. He also did not give information on the people who enter the place because they do not have records, which is extremely striking, ”he indicated.


The lawyer reported that the girl finished her practice in one of the Handball courts at approximately 6:00 p.m., behind said field there is a barbecue area, in that place the abuse occurred. They grabbed her arms and legs, groped her private parts, and put their fingers in her mouth. She asked for help, screamed and cried, later she was able to get away from her aggressors, but she lived with the shame of what happened because she avoided telling the act. “She is a poor girl who was killed in life,” Delgado pointed out.


Juan José Galeano, president, denied that they had ignored the complaint and maintained that all the information handled by the Public Ministry is because it was provided to them.

Regarding the suspension of a partner, the president pointed out that there must be a formal complaint about some fact, the Council, upon becoming aware, refers it to the Disciplinary Regulations Committee, which carries out a summary that must be presented to the Board of Directors. Similarly, a partner caught in flagrante delicto can be immediately suspended.

“In this case (sexual abuse) it happened in June of last year. The club recently became aware of the offices of the Prosecutor’s Office and the complaint filed by the girl’s father, was accompanied by the complaint from the Public Ministry and we collaborated, all the information was delivered, “she said.

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