MIDES presents Institutional Report 2021 where it details investments in social matters for more than $900 million

A total of 966,598,196 balboas were disbursed to the 2,154 businesses affiliated with Vale Digital and Panamá Solidario, this information is part of that included in the 2021 Institutional Memory of the Ministry of Social Development.

The report that was presented to the deputies includes the main achievements and advances in social development, offers the advances in infrastructure projects in favor of boys and girls from 0-4 years old. Three (3) new CAIPI were built and five (5) located in: the provinces of Los Santos, Veraguas, Chiriquí, Colón, Panamá Oeste, Tikantiki and Ustupo in Guna Yala, with an investment of 2,856,713.60 balboas, he indicated. the minister, María Inés Castillo, during the presentation of the 2021 Institutional Memory at the Labor, Health and Social Development Commission of the National Assembly.

Likewise, 30 CAIPIS were remodeled, in San Miguelito five (5); Saints four (4); Colon two (2); West Panama two (2), Veraguas six (6); Cocle six (6); Herrera three (3) and Chiriquí two (2), with an investment of 1,878,855.44 balboas.

The document that can be consulted on the page www.mides.gob.pa also highlights that 188 thousand Panamanians were benefited through the Conditional Monetary Transfers (PTMC) with the programs 120 a los 65, Red de Oportunidades, Ángel Guardian and the National Plan for Food and Nutrition Security (SENAPAN).

With these projects, the investments made by Mides exceed 900 million dollars for the benefit of the most vulnerable population in the country.

The report that complies with the commitment that MIDES has to adhere to transparency processes yielded valuable information such as the fact that in 2021 some 3,934 families carried out successful entrepreneurship projects through the Family Networks in 115 districts. While 1,372 Panamanians (as) learned to read and write with the “Yes, I can” method of the MIDES Literacy directorate that allows participants to learn to read and write in seven weeks.

The minister explained that in 2021, 237 monitorings were carried out in 80 Comprehensive Care Centers, thus guaranteeing quality care to 1,537 older adults. Likewise, 5,467 psychosocial services were offered to people affected by COVID-19.

In early childhood, Bill 567, which creates the Comprehensive Protection System for Children and Adolescents, was promoted and the conceptual framework was validated and the RAIPI portfolio of care and services was agreed upon.

In addition, the Cuidarte Backpack program was launched, which benefited more than 2,872 boys and girls in hard-to-reach areas and districts of the Colmena strategy, and the “Tu CAIPI en Casa” program was developed in response to the health emergency situation, which benefited to 1,365 boys and girls from all over the country.

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