Only 3% consider that it is a good time to invest, refers to a Banxico survey

Only 3% consider that it is a good time to invest, refers to a Banxico survey

Specialists point out that the main obstacles to doing business in Mexico are the lack of rule of law, crime, corruption, bureaucracy, breach of contracts, dominance of existing companies-lack of competition, inadequate infrastructure supply and access to financing.

higher interest rate

Respondents expect the central bank’s benchmark interest rate to close at 8.7% by the end of 2022. In April they estimated it would close at 8.25%.

For inflation, they expect to close at 6.8% this year, slightly higher than the 6.7% forecast last April. For GDP, the expectation rose slightly to 1.8%, from 1.7% in April.

They consider that the business climate will not improve

The survey also showed that the percentage of specialists who foresee that the business climate in the next six months will improve is decreasing.

The proportion of those who expect it to be better went from 14% in April to 11% in May; that of those who consider that it will remain the same rose from 65% to 68%, and that of those who foresee that it will worsen remained at 22%.

Obstacles to economic growth

Specialists consider that, at a general level, the main factors that hinder economic growth are associated with governance (41%), internal economic conditions (20%) and inflation (20%).

In particular, the main factors are domestic political uncertainty (14% of responses), public insecurity problems (14% of responses), inflationary pressures in the country (14% of responses), weakness in the internal market (6% of responses), uncertainty about the domestic economic situation (6% of responses), other problems of lack of rule of law (6% of responses) and the increase in prices of inputs and raw materials (6% of responses).

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