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“Only 13 years could end up paying” Yhonier Leal for the crime of his brother Mauricio and his mother Marleny, denounced lawyer

The Prosecutor’s Office has not publicly reported the agreement offered to Yhonier Leal, but he would end up paying less than 20 years in prison.

The Prosecutor’s Office has not publicly reported what the agreement offered to Yhonier Leal is, but if it was presented to the family of the victims and the lawyer Elmer Montaña denounced, that they disagree, he would end up paying less than 20 years.

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A series of requests by Yhonier Leal in his judicial process for aggravated homicide and concealment of evidence, and what the Prosecutor’s Office could agree to grant him, has generated outrage in the family of the victims who are his brother Mauricio Leal and their mother, Marleny Hernández, whom he admitted to having murdered in La Calera in Bogotá.

The defendant asked to be placed in a special maximum security location, a high security pavilion anywhere in the country.

He remains detained in the bunker of the Prosecutor’s Office in Bogotá.

The Prosecutor’s Office has been questioned for allowing calls from the detainee to their families, to the aunts who are also the victims of the process. And he insists that he is innocent and that they revoke the power of his defense attorney, Elmer Montaña.

In addition, he would have asked them to desist from calling for torture as a crime.

disputed agreement

And although from the beginning of the hearings the Prosecutor’s Office told him that if he accepted charges and provided details, his sentence could be reduced by up to 50%, the pre-agreement (which has already been signed) could lead to a much higher reduction.

Mauricio Leal hearing and evidence against his brother
“It was impossible for a person to take the knife in that way if it was intended” to take his life, said the prosecutor in the case. Nine pieces of evidence revealed that Mauricio was neither injured nor his mother.

The warning was made by the lawyer of the victims’ family from Valle del Cauca, Elmer Montaña.

Yes OK, the preliminary agreement establishes:

  • Between 25 and 26, 6 months of sentence
  • Fine of 200 legal monthly minimum wages in force
  • Commitment not to continue committing crimes
  • A new request for forgiveness

Since he was not charged with the crime of torture, “because the Fisclaía said that he lacked evidence,” his sentence could not be extended.

“26 years could end in up to 13 years in prison because he could achieve a reduced sentence for study, good behavior, work,” warned Montaña.

The lawyer pointed out that the complaint for the agreement will be sent to the hearing judge for evaluation.

The crime

Mauricio Leal’s stomach injury had signs that it had been caused by someone left-handed, and he was right-handed, that was clarified in the entire forensic report and technical inspection of the corpse, that is just one of the details found by the Prosecutor and presented at the public hearing on January 17, 2022.

The high quantity of pills that produce sleep and that had been consumed before the injuries, would not have allowed a suicide-homicide of this type.

auricio, had four wounds in the abdomen. The mother of him one, very violent.

The manner of death: “violent homicide”accused the Prosecutor’s Office, Yhonier Rodolfo Leal Hernández, brother and son of the victims.

The well-known Valleucan hairdresser had a knife blade left on his body. But before with that same weapon, they had attacked his mother.

That is to say, first they killed her and then her body was transferred to her son Mauricio’s room, they put him on the bed.

Finally, after more than eight hours of hearing, the accused accepted charges.

The family asks that he also be charged with torture, the letter’s signature was his death sentence, “there was clear physical and psychological torture.”

Montaña questioned that in the entire presentation of the letter imputation hearing, the prosecutor narrated those moments of horror that the stylist experienced, and now “they say that there is no evidentiary material.”

Forced to write the letter

The blows that Leal’s body had, would have been to force him to write the farewell letter.

The way in which the letter was written was what led him to think that he would not have written it of his own free will. It was his handwriting, but not his message.

The traces found in the document generated suspicion.

“It has raised, irregular, paused alphabetic characters, sinuous line lines, disproportion of signs and a lack of spatial order. It has changes in pressure leaving colorless lines and other more intense ones with greater ink discharge”, experts said.

Other details of the scene: the sheets were changed from the beds and even elements such as a filing cabinet moved from place, this led the CTI investigators to think that someone with access and who knew the house well would have moved the scene before the bodies were found.

In those hours there were no more workers; driver or domestic servants. Neither door nor windows had been forced.

The prosecutor who ‘cornered’ Yhonier Leal: “There is no perfect crime,” he told him

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