Only 10 of the 80 Tres Bocas frontists would receive compensation

Only 10 of the 80 Tres Bocas frontists would receive compensation

The Executive promulgated decree 6868, which regulates articles 8 and 9 of law 5389/2015, which “Establishes the procedure for the expropriation and compensation of real estate included in the areas destined for the public domain strip of infrastructure works to charge of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) and declares of public utility and expropriates in favor of the Paraguayan State several properties affected by said condition”.

This regulation was necessary for those affected by the Tres Bocas tunnel works to start collecting their compensation. However, from the Frontistas Association, they allege that the requirements established in the decree will only allow around 10 of the almost 80 affected frontistas to receive payments for the damages received.

María Lea Melgarejo, president of the Association of Frontiersmen, affirmed that the decree establishes that only 10 frontiersmen will be paid with this decree. This, due to the high demands to access compensation.

“I didn’t trust it, that’s why I asked for the draft, but they never gave it to me. That is why we are going to claim, we are not going to accept. It will only benefit those who have property title, but not the rest. They left us without sustenance, the National Constitution must guarantee the quality of life of all Paraguayans. That hurts us a lot. We are going to study with the lawyers,” he said.

The MOPC designed an overpass at the intersection between Acceso Sur, Avelino Martínez and Américo Picco avenues. This is due to the 45,000 vehicles that pass through the crossing every day. The works began in August last year. According to Public Works, the works will be completed by the end of this year.

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