Onemi establishes 42 affected families who are in shelters due to rains in Calama

Onemi establishes 42 affected families who are in shelters due to rains in Calama

Intense rains recorded in the city of Calama have left, so far, a total of 42 families that have been affected with damage to their homes caused by the weather situation. According to the Onemi Antofagasta Regional Directorate, people are already being evaluated by municipal personnel. Most of the families are in the Liceo Jorge Alessandri Rodríguez A-27, after being set up as a shelter for the victims.

The rainfall caused flooding and leaks in the roofs of various health centers in the commune, for which their attention was suspended to carry out an evaluation of the structure. Another of the places that have been most affected is the El Loa airport, where leaks caused flooding inside, but in any case, it operates normally.

Various educational establishments remain affected in their roofs and accesses due to flooding, for which the Regional Director of Onemi Antofagasta, Ricardo Munizaga, pointed out that the regional authorities decided to suspend classes until this Friday, March 18, in the municipal schools of Calama , in order to evaluate the infrastructure of the venues and repair them if necessary.

Likewise, the Onemi Antofagasta Regional Directorate canceled the Preventive Early Warning established since March 11 in the area due “to the weakening of the meteorological conditions that originated it.” Therefore, it is expected that, gradually, all Alerts will be withdrawn when the weather situation so allows.

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