El presentador de televisión Efraín Ruales tenía 36 años cuando murió.

One year later, 10 facts about the murder of Efraín Ruales

On February 27, 2021, the news of the presenter’s murder shook the country. Seven people involved have been identified, but not the mastermind.

  1. A year ago, on January 27, 2021, Ecuador was “paralyzed” by the announcement of the death of the television presenter Efrain Ruales.
  2. Ruales was 36 years old and while he was driving his vehicle he was intercepted by another from where he was shot.
  3. The Prosecutor’s Office opened the investigations into the murder of Ruales ex officio; The proceedings lasted more than five months, until reaching the preparatory stage for the trial.
  4. During that time, there was a change in the prosecutor, Víctor González, who was handling the case as he received death threats.
  5. Currently, the case has seven people processed, in stage of judgment. None, however, fulfilled the role of intellectual author; therefore, the causes for which Ruales was ordered to be killed are unknown.
  6. Among the defendants is Álvaro C., alias ‘Alvarito’, who would have shot and who, together with aliases Ñorqui and Casquete, They would be material authors of the act.
  7. in his version ‘Alvarito’ confessed that it was he who shot the presenter in Guayaquil and added that “they went overboard” with Ruales, since he was hired to “scare.”
  8. Currently the arrested They are serving preventive detention in the Quito and Latacunga prisons.
  9. Regarding the intellectual author, the defendants testified that alias ‘Marcellus’ He would be the man who paid “for giving Ruales a scare.”
  10. In 2021, the death of Ruales it was not the only one of a public figure. Two months after what happened, he was murdered. Harrison Salcedo and in October Olympic athlete Álex Quiñónez was murdered.

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