One of the largest rice harvests will give the country US$ 600 million

rice exports of the harvest that is in progress, with the harvest carried out in 50% of the cultivated area, they will allow the entry into the country of some US$ 600 millionbased on estimates from the Rice Growers Association (ACA).

Alfredo Lago, president of the union that brings together rice farmers, told The Observer what a harvest of 1.51 million tons is projected – 200 thousand tons more than last year – which will be the largest in the last 10 years and one of the best in history, surpassed only by that of 2010/2011, when 1.64 million tons were achieved in an area of ​​195 thousand hectares, with average yields that were lower.


Until now 25% of the rice from this new campaign has been marketed, which is a good levelwith highly variable prices given an international scenario characterized by volatility, where there are persistent difficulties due to covid in some areas of the world, logistical problems and impacts derived from the war after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Uruguay, however, has been able to close deals for paddy rice, processed rice and brown rice. For example, brown rice has been sold for US$500 a tonconsidered a very good price for a product shipped to Europe.

Almost everything is exported

Uruguay exports practically all the rice it produces. Less than 5%, about 60 thousand tons, is allocated to the local market, based on a consumption of 12 kilos of processed rice per capita per year. The internal consumption of rice, which is very low compared to other countries that produce the cereal, implies a volume of grain similar to that used for the production of seeds.

In the first half of the threshed area, it is possible to speak of an average yield of 9,500 kilos per hectare, expecting a logical decrease for the second half as grain harvesting begins in farms planted no longer at the ideal time.

If there are no mishaps, perhaps the final average yield is around 9,100 to 9,200 kilosbelow last season’s record (9,400 kilos), but “also a very good performance, the second highest in history”, he claimed. The productivity achieved by rice producers in Uruguay is at the forefront in the world.

The progress in the harvest work is optimal. The weather has lent a hand, there was practically no need to stop due to rain throughout Marchmany hours were used each day of machinery work and 80% of the surface has been threshed in the north, 50% in the east and somewhat less than 40% in the center of the country.

“Compared to previous years, the weather has been benevolent and we have a very good harvest progress to date, especially considering that this year we have about 20 thousand more hectares,” said Lago.

One of the largest rice harvests will give the country US$ 600 million


The cultivated area in the 2021/22 harvest grew to 164 thousand hectares, 15% more than in the previous year. And, if nothing strange happens, a third consecutive growth is expected for planting to be done next spring. Some speculate with an area of ​​at least 180,000 hectares, but there is a limitation: the increase in the cost of many inputs, including fertilizer, key to producing rice.

consulted on the quality of the grain already harvested, he specified that on average it is goodHowever, there is a difference in what has been obtained so far in the north compared to the rest of the country.

“In the north there were high temperatures in the summer, there was low humidity, very little thermal amplitude, very hot nights, as much as in the rest of the day, that did not generate the desired percentage of whole grain, which is one of the quality indicators ”, he explained. This is a factor with a high impact on the payment received by the producer.

In the rest of the country, the quality levels are similar to those of previous years, without difficulties, given that the climatic situation there was not so adverse.

One of the largest rice harvests will give the country US$ 600 million

The second largest rice harvest in history is coming.

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