On the beach in Cartagena he approached to ask for food and fell in love with a Hollywood actor

On the beach in Cartagena he approached to ask for food and fell in love with a Hollywood actor

Creole dog on one of the beaches of Cartagena.

The Creole puppy was pampered by one of the stars of ‘Fast and Furious’.

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These days the beaches of Cartagena are full of tourists who enjoy a day of sun, beach and sea during the Christmas season.

On the shore of the beach, in addition to people, there are always Creole dogs that come to the bathers’ tents to ask them for some food or just a little affection.

A Hollywood actor who walks through the Bolivarian capital, was captivated by one of these canines and caressed him until he was unable to, earning his trust.

The animal sought some affection and food and actor Luke Evans, one of the stars of the ‘Fast and Furious’ saga, gave it fish and a few pampering.

The British actor shared the touching video on his Instagram account and received many compliments for his gesture with the Creole.


The “perfect breakfast” and also Colombian that actor Luke Evans “devours” every time he leaves the gym

“How much humility, simplicity and love for animals, great Luke”, “Just like the actors here who do not come down from the clouds”, “Luke Evans is my idol and has always stood out as a great animalist”, were some of the comments on networks.

Here is the video:

It should be noted that the actor from other films such as ‘Dracula’ is in love with Colombian landscapes and its gastronomy.

A couple of months ago he made headlines for stopping at an arepas stand in the city of Bogotá and enjoying this delicacy of the land.

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