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On Monday, PRI-Morena appointment in search of agreement to decide on the minute

Andrea Becerril and Victor Ballinas

Newspaper La Jornada
Friday, September 23, 2022, p. 7

The negotiations between Morena and the PRI to approve the reform that guarantees the permanence until 2028 of the Army and the Navy in tasks of combating violence and insecurity continue, based on the proposals that the federal government, through the Secretary of the Interior, had already accepted, commented Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín, senator of the tricolor.

He is one of the legislators who led the talks with the Morenoites. Yesterday in an interview, he explained that on Monday there will be a meeting with part of the members of his bench and Morena, in order to advance an agreement that allows voting on the minutes that returned to commissions in Wednesday’s session.

The president of the Constitutional Points Commission, Eduardo Ramírez, confirmed that next week they will meet with the PRI members, but later, the coordinator of Morena, Ricardo Monreal, announced that the political forces will be invited to review the minutes and present a alternative project.

Ramírez Marín rejected that the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, has pressured the legislators of his group. He fulfilled his role as interlocutor of the federal government in Congress. He reviewed each modification proposal presented around the sixth transitional article of the constitutional reform by which the National Guard was created.

In the last session, the majority group I had a fatal deadline, but now they will be able to discuss the opinion without haste and reach agreements. He advanced that a major surgery to the opinion, in order to establish controls of Congress and accountability, for which they propose appearances every six months of the security cabinet and the National Guard.

Separately, Eduardo Ramírez confirmed that next week they will meet with the PRI members; meanwhile, they analyze their proposals on the sixth transitory, so that they approve the minutes.

He clarified that the fifth transitory, in which the term for the military to return to their barracks and no longer be in charge of security tasks, runs from 2024 to 2028, will not be modified. He considered that the PRI proposal of guaranteeing resources to the state and municipal police forces must be discussed with the Ministry of Finance.

Ramírez Aguilar specified that the negotiation will continue with the PRI and perhaps with the PRD, because PAN and MC made it clear that they will not endorse the reform of that initiative presented by the PRI in San Lázaro, which Morena supports.

recognized that it was very difficult get the minute out on Wednesday because even within the group itself there were morenistas against the reform and at the beginning of the session they lacked three votes.

He did not say so, but they belonged to senators Ifigenia Martínez, Blanca Piña and Gricelda Valencia, who joined the session later, although the latter was absent again. That is why after noon, seeing also that two PRI members gave up at the last minute to accompany Morena, Monreal decided to return the opinion to commissions.

However, in the afternoon, Monreal announced that next week the political forces will be convened in the Senate to build by consensus an alternative wording to the opinion that proposes extending the presence of the military in public security tasks for four more years.

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