On Children’s Day, they remember 29 minor victims of the 2018 repression in Nicaragua

On the occasion of National Children’s Day in Nicaragua, relatives of the victims of the repression remember the balance of 29 murdered, among children and adolescents, during the social protests of 2018, according to data from the Nicaraguan Coordinating Federation of NGOs that Work with the Childhood and Adolescence (CODENI).

In the report, provided in November 2018, the organization states that the majority of those murdered were adolescents and received one or more bullets to the chest, neck, head, and stomach.

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“Product of the violence exerted by the Police, parapolice and criminal forces, CODENI, through its monitoring, registers a balance of 29 girls, boys and adolescents between 5 months and 17 years old,” the report highlights.

He adds that by age groups, 5 were under 12 years old, and 24 were adolescents. According to classification, of the total number of children and adolescents (boys, girls and adolescents) murdered, 26 were men and three were women.

“There is nothing to celebrate”

After five years of impunity, Nelson Lorío, father of the child Teyler Lorio Navarrete, 14-month-old born and killed on June 23, 2018, from a shot from an AK-47 rifle, told Article 66 that this month is very painful for parents who lost their minor children.

“This month we already started it badly, remembering, today, June 1, that in 2018 the Ortega dictatorship murdered many children, including my son, the children of the Velasquez Pavon family, Alvarito Conrado, Junior Gaitan, that they were children under 15 years of age,” recalled Lorío, now in exile in the United States.

Teyler Lorío's father urgently requests help to pay house rent after being a victim of scam
Parents of the child Teyler Lorío, murdered on June 23, 2018

He stressed that this month is very painful for Nicaraguan families. “Perhaps some will be able to celebrate next to their children, but I have nothing to celebrate because the dictatorship erased all the commemorative dates of the year.”

«We do not have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Children’s Day; We cannot celebrate Christmas or Independence Day because she is kidnapped by a couple of psychotics —Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo— but we continue to want to, demanding justice and believing in God that she will heal our wounds, “she stressed.

Another of the relatives of one of the adolescents murdered in June 2018, stated on condition of anonymity that despite the fact that the dictatorship “ruined their lives”, the siege and repression continues.

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“We hope that soon we can have the justice we long for; I know it is very hard, but with faith in the one above —God— we will make it, although it is difficult to reach this date because the pain we have is every second, “said a relative of one of the victims.

This June 2, the teenager Junior Gaitán, originally from Masaya, will be five years old since he was assassinated in the vicinity of the Craft Market of that city. To date he continues without receiving justice, rather the Ortega regime continues its wave of repression.

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