Ombudsman promotes access to education as a guarantee of rights

Ombudsman promotes access to education as a guarantee of rights

The OmbudsmanPablo Ulloa, led a discussion on the education and the technology in which Andrés Guillermo Delich, deputy secretary general of the Organization of Ibero-American States for the EducationScience and Culture (OEI).

During the gathering, both agreed on the importance of technology on the educationas well as the challenges in the educational system, mobility within the system, “criteria that must be taken into account for a modern educational curriculum adapted to the new times,” they considered.

“The education based on the technology it is essential to achieve progress if we want to build responsible citizenship, which is why we have to educate them on this basis to facilitate the teaching processes in these times”, Ulloa specified at the meeting.

According to an institutional note, the position of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN), pronounced in 2016 on the importance of the internet, was addressed at the conservatory, recognizing it as a driving force for the acceleration of processes towards development in its various forms, and affirming the importance of facilitating and expanding its access.

“It is good that we do not see the internet as something particular but a massive element, and countries must ensure that there is access to people with limited resources to guarantee the right to education”, said the deputy secretary general of the OEI.

The activity was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Educationteachers, members of civil society, as well as opinion makers from different media.

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