Omar Fernández cataloga como drástica prohibición EEUU a CR

Omar Fernández classifies CR as a drastic US ban

Santo Domingo.- The spokesman for the bloc of representatives of the Fuerza del Pueblo party, Omar Fernández, warned that the decision of the United States government to prohibit the importation of sugar and other derivatives from Central Romana is a very drastic measure that will cause thousands of unemployed in the country.

He added that Central Romana has already responded to the accusations of the United States Department of Customs and Border Protection, denying that version of alleged degrading treatment and forced labor of its workers.

He said that the decision of the United States is very hard for Roman Central and for the country for all the jobs that this company has created.

“This is a company that has made significant investments to be able to continue its work if it is slowed down,” he said.

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He added that “this is going to bring unemployment, a lot of unemployment, that is going to bring a company that has made important investments to be able to continue its work to be slowed down.

Obviously this is going to lead to a strike by the company, it would be affected, a lot of layoffs because the United States must be their main client, they would have to reinvent their business and that would have consequences.”

He recalled that the United States is the main client of Central Romana and this prohibition is serious, and even less currency will come to the Dominican Republic.

He considered that this would imply that Central Romana would have to refocus its production and that this would represent great expenses.

“We are on the side of rights, but we should weigh the version of Central Romana that says that they do not exploit their employees and that they also make million-dollar investments to improve their living conditions, I think the decision was very drastic and we must also weigh the large number of employees who would lose their jobs,” said Fernández.

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