Congress: Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations declared four complaints inadmissible

Congress: Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations declared four complaints inadmissible

The Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations of the in its session on Friday, November 25, declared four constitutional complaints inadmissible for failing to comply with the procedural requirements.

Thus, with 21 votes in favor, the constitutional complaint 034 (ex 339) formulated by the citizen Carina Olano Toribio against the former magistrates of the Constitutional Court (TC) was declared inadmissible. Marianella Ledesma, Carlos Ramos and Eloy Espinoza-Saldaña for not meeting the criteria for crime of function.

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The complaint was made for the alleged constitutional violation of articles 1, 2 numerals 20 and 23, 51, 138, 139 numeral 2, second paragraph), and 139 numerals 3 and 5; and for the alleged commission of the crimes of abuse of authority, omission of complaint and prevarication, sanctioned in articles 376, 407 and 418 of the Penal Code.

Immediately, with the same number of votes, the constitutional complaint 267 presented by the citizen Carlos Enrique Calderón Carvajal against the former president of the National Election Jury (JNE) was declared inadmissible. Víctor Ticona Postigo and its current owner, Jorge Luis Salas Arenasfor not complying with the requirement that refers to facts that constitute a constitutional infraction or duty crime.

According to the complaint, the aforementioned were accused of the alleged violation of article 51 of the Political Constitution.

Subsequently, with 22 votes in favor, the constitutional complaint 303 of the citizen Jesús Linares Cornejo against the president was declared inadmissible. Pedro Castillo; the vice president Dina Boluarte; the former prime minister Hannibal Torres; the interior minister, Willy Orchard; and the head of Justice, Felix Chero.

All of them had been denounced for the alleged permanent and continuous willful moral incapacity, extreme immorality, extreme indolence and the alleged commission of crimes of aggravated concealment, and procedural fraud.

Finally, with 14 votes in favor and 8 against, the qualification report was approved, declaring inadmissible the constitutional complaint no. Patricia Benavidesfor alleged violation of articles 117, 38, 153 and 159 of the Constitution.

According to the document prepared, the complaint does not meet the criteria that has been formulated by a capable person, by himself or by a duly accredited representative. It is specified that the complaint was signed by Congresswoman Elizabeth Medina (Libre Peru), who has been part of the subcommittee since August 25, 2022, since the complaint was filed on October 13.

It was specified that this does not comply with the provisions of the last line of subparagraph c) of article 89 of the Regulations of Congress, a situation that is described as irremediable.


The president of Congress, José Williams, assured that the agreement of the Board of Directors on the question of confidence presented by the head of the Ministerial Cabinet, Aníbal Torres, has been to reject it outright. (Source: Congress TV)

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