Olivera on lowering the age for the notebook: "It’s nice, but it’s not nice that people kill each other"

The mayor of Paysandú, Nicolás Olivera, referred to the proposal of his co-religionist Carmelo Vidalín, mayor of Durazno, to lower the age limit to get a driver’s license. “The measure is nice-said to The Observerbut it’s not nice that people kill each other“.

Vidalín’s approach consists of lower the age limit to access the driving book for cars up to 1000 cc from 18 to 16 yearsand place in 15 years the minimum allowed for driving small cylinder motorcycles (up to 80cc).

“One sees that the quality of our drivers must be significantly improved Y then you see how old we put to that”, commented Olivera.

Likewise, the also white mayor, Fernando Echeverría, head of the Flores commune, expressed his doubts about the proposal. Echeverría confessed that he was not “100% convinced”although it it does not assume “a final position”.

The proposal of the peach formally arrived at the Congress of Mayors last Thursdayon the premise of regulate the Traffic Law of 2019 and agree on the same criteria among all the communes at the national level.

“Several departments, if not almost all, today grant what is known as a ‘departmental permit'”Vidalín maintained in dialogue with The Observer, in reference to these autonomous qualifications of each administration, which generates different criteria depending on the jurisdiction in which it is managed. “We can make transparent a situation that is taking place almost everywhere. We are fooling ourselves”he declared.

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