Committee of Transport Users expects that the ticket will reach $1 at the end of the year

The public transport sector is charging the fare at least Bs. 3 on short routes and Bs. 4 on long journeys, but not all of them apply these rates because some units wait for the publication in the Official Gazette

The director of the Public Transport Users Committee, Luis Alberto Salazar, expects the urban fare to close at the equivalent of one dollar at the end of 2022.

“The replacement costs of public transport are riding with the dollar. Until there is a stable economy here, we cannot even calculate the rate, because there are no parameters to do so (…) we believe that by the end of the year it will be around one dollar. What happens is that the national government does not want to assume that,” Salazar said during an interview with Radio Union.

Salazar explained that the sector is charging at least Bs. 3 on short routes and Bs. 4 on long journeys, but not all apply these rates because some units are waiting for publication in the Official Gazette.

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These approaches are under discussion in the work tables, but the adjustment of the passage is being carried out without official authorization. He insisted that the collection of fees should be anchored to the dollar.

“Rates are being increased anarchically throughout the national territory because the National Institute of Land Transport endorses any type of increase in transport as long as the mobilization of users is not eliminated or harmed,” he said.

Salazar also said that there is not enough fuel or diesel to supply the transportation sector, forcing people to queue for up to 48 hours to fill a 40-liter tank. For this reason, they regretted that the authorities resort to the delivery of tires and batteries as a way to “calm down” the carriers.

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