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Official media ensures that bakeries will maintain the price of bread

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Official media ensures that bakeries will maintain the price of bread

The bakers guaranteed the stability of the price of battle bread at 50 Bolivian cents per unit with the provision of flour by the Food Production Support Company (Emapa), according to a report by the state media ABI.

The State, through Emapa, guarantees the supply of flour to the sector and through this, we bakers guarantee price stability at 50 cents and distribution at the national level with the established weight”, one of the leaders of the sector told a local media outlet, highlights the report of the official agency.

The note seeks to reassure the announcement made by the leader of the bakery sector Dandy Mallea, who assured that this union decided to declare an emergency due to the increase in the price of a quintal of flour.

What used to cost 165 or 160 today that same flour costs between 200 and 210 bolivianos. And to top it off, there is no flour that can be in the supply in grocery stores,” said the leader.

In addition, Mallea announced that the sector would evaluate making adjustments to the price of bread, before the increase caused by the rise in wheat on a world scale due to the war in Ukraine.

On Friday, the manager of Emapa, Franklin Flores, assured that the national government, through this institution, guarantees the distribution of flour to the country’s bakery sector to keep the price of battle bread stable.

He recalled that the national government has an agreement signed with the bakery sector, which was signed in January, to keep the price of bread stable at Bs 0.50 in La Paz, El Alto and Cochabamba; to Bs 0.40 in Oruro and to Bs 0.30 in Potosí, among other regions.

He assured that Emapa has more than 130,000 tons of wheat stored in the silos of the State, therefore, Bolivian families should be calm.

He affirmed that there is a sufficient stock to grind and produce 1.6 million quintals of flour to distribute it to the bakeries. He said that for this management it is planned to collect 200,000 tons of wheat to guarantee the supply of flour in 2023.

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