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Of the media mission

I will never forget the phrase that the journalist Jorge Ramos said in a conference: “The media must resemble the towns in which they circulate.” Something like that.

Over time, I realized that although not in the same way, many of the journalists and media executives in our country believed in that theory and put it into practice.

It is, indisputably, a way of bringing people closer, of including them, of making them part of the pages of the newspapers and the stories of the newsreels.

Commercially, it is an excellent strategy to attract advertisers, since those who sell products and services will be encouraged to place advertising in a medium that guarantees a wide reach and therefore ensures the recognition and demand of the people.

Each time, I realized that those television channels and newspapers, mostly digital, that used, in principle, a plainer and more direct language, and in recent times a vulgar and coarse language, than those programs that included segments who portrayed neighborhood corners, grocery store environments, or who invited exponents of popular genres, especially in the lowest social segment, achieved the highest advertising placement and enjoyed great popularity.

The bad thing is that in the desire to be popular, to sell, and in the digital age to earn many “likes”, the print media have fallen into a practice that is far from its real essence.

Just as the media and their executives understand their mission of accompanying social causes and have assumed their role of going hand in hand with the people, as an entity through which to expose their problems and needs, these same media should never forget their role of building and educating the population, guiding it, clarifying its doubts, contributing to good education, through the promotion of values, highlighting good examples.

Today, it is embarrassing and embarrassing to see the amount of space that the media waste, promoting anti-values, fostering in the little ones the opposite of talent, work, education and academic training. A great pity!

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