Mayor of Huancayo denies that he is leaving unfinished works

Mayor of Huancayo denies that he is leaving unfinished works

The mayor of Huancayo Juan Carlos Quispe Ledesma pointed out that he will not leave any work unfinished for the incoming mayor, Dennys Cuba, to finish it. What he will leave behind are projects on track for execution, he said. In addition, a hundred CAS workers who by law have reached a permanent contract in the commune. How much truth is there in what the mayor says?

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“We are going to deliver all our completed works. On December 20, we are going to deliver the 100% completed Coto Coto zonal park, the sanitation of the Bicentennial Highway has been completed, the solid waste treatment plant has been 100% completed, ”he said.

The burgomaster of Peru Libre, however, does not say that he leaves the Coto Coto zonal park only completed in its first stage, the administration that enters must conclude it.

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On the other hand, he referred to projects that he leaves on track: “We have promoted all the works, there are some in the medium and long term, such as the Bicentennial highway, which has a budget of almost 11 million, we are waiting for the transfer of Caja Huancayo, which in these days it will happen, we have the construction of the Bicentennial park in 22 thousand meters that already has a project of 17 million secured; We are promoting the construction of the wastewater treatment plant that is worth approximately 600 million ”, he stressed. Of these works mentioned, the Bicentennial highway has been postponed since the administration of Alcides Chamorro. Peru Libre could not either.

Finally, Quispe Ledesma makes it clear that his management does leave permanent workers: “In our management period, 140 CAS workers have entered, who by law given by the government, gives them job stability, outside of this margin we have no more workers,” he concluded. .

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