Of 135 convicted prisoners who were released, the Government only presented 11 recaptured

Of 135 convicted prisoners who were released, the Government only presented 11 recaptured

Two women and nine men is the global number of prisoners sentenced to 30 years without the right to pardon who were released as a result of judicial decisions that benefited them and were recaptured by the Police. The figure does not include three judges who are also in prison for issuing those rulings.

Seferina Quispe Mamani, Dennis Esmeralda Condori Benito, Felipe Froilán Molina “el Killer”, Ciriaco Condori Fuentes, Lionel Cortez, Félix Alfredo Ferreira, Rubén Omar Centellas Quevedo, Rómulo Maldonado Alcón, Luis Fernando Suárez, Richard Choque Flores and his accomplice José Luis Casilla Machaca, it’s the 11 people who enjoyed freedom, granted irregularly by judges.

The President of the Judicial Council, Marvin Molina, reported that so far they discovered that 135 inmates sentenced they obtained their freedom thanks to irregular decisions of three types of judges, those of Instruction, Sentence and Execution.

For the signing of these freedom orders, there are three judges detained in the San Pedro prison and a judge who until now has not responded for her rulings. Rafael Alcon, José Ayaviri, Abraham Aguirre and Patricia Mendoza Murillo are the magistrates questioned.

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Seferina Quispe Mamani was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder of her two children, ages 8 and 10 in 2002, she was under house arrest granted by Judge José Ayaviri.

Dennis Esmeralda Condori Benito, he had an eight-year sentence for the crime of trafficking in controlled substances, but he had parole.

Felipe Froilán Molina, alias “the Killer”, the best known of those recaptured, was sentenced in December 2007, captured in 2016, transferred to the Chonchocoro prison; however, on February 21, 2020, he was released by Judge Abraham Aguirre.

Ciriaco Condori Fuentes He had a 30-year prison sentence without the right to pardon for a murder committed in 2005, but was released by Patricia Aguirre’s court order.

Lionel Cortez He has a 30-year sentence without the right to pardon for murder and rape, but was free by order of Judge Rafael Alcon. He was recaptured by the Police.

Felix Alfredo Ferreira and Ruben Omar Centellas Quevedo, they are two inmates who had an executed sentence for femicide, rape and dismemberment; however, they were released by former judge Rafael Alcón.

Romulo Maldonado Alcon, In 2017, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for trafficking in controlled substances, but was later granted house arrest by the judge, José Ayaviri Siles.

Luis Fernando Suarez, He has a 14-year sentence for the crime of trafficking in controlled substances, however, like the other inmates, he was on probation and house arrest. He is recaptured.

Richard Shock Flowers he was the first accidentally recaptured, they accused him of wearing a police uniform to commit rape; but then it was learned that he was a femicide with a death behind him; the investigations finally determined that there were four people he murdered.

Finally, Jose Luis Casilla Machaca an accomplice of Choque Flores, he was sentenced to 30 years in 2013 and two years later he was released on parole; he was recaptured in February of this year.

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