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Odebrecht 2.0: “A group of people have come to the fore,” advances Mirna Ortiz

Odebrecht 2.0: “Un grupo de personas han salido a relucir”, adelanta Mirna Ortiz

The fiscal Maria Ortizcoordinator of Litigation of the Specialized Attorney for the Prosecution of Administrative Corruption (PEPCA)advanced today that in the investigations of the case Odebrecht 2.0 the name of a group of people has come to light.

We have the investigation well advanced, if there is a group of people who have come to light in these investigations. I could not specify a figure, but we do have a group of important people who are being investigated. Works that were not investigated in the first version of Odebrecht that are also being investigated and that will give us important sums of money that could have been defrauded the Dominican State“, said Ortiz.

interviewed in The alarmthe prosecutor stated that they are working “like the little ant” and that they have international cooperation from other countries in addition to Brazil.

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In relation to Odebrecht 2.0, although you do not listen to us, we are working, we are like the little ant. We have international cooperation that we have received not only from Brazil but from other countries. We are waiting for a commission in Brazil can welcome us”

“We have maintained a fluid and constant communication through telematic channels, not only with the authorities of Brazil but also from other countries where Odebrecht had an active participation with acts of corruption similar to those committed in Dominican Republic”, he stated when pointing out the limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initial Odebrecht

About the case Odebrecht that had been processed in the management of Jean Alain RodriguezThe fiscal Maria Ortiz He stated that they made every effort to obtain a fair result despite being a file not processed by the current management.

“Initially the case Odebrecht was not managed, nor worked, nor investigated by this management. And although we are a body, the efforts that lead the institution at certain times set the tone”, he pointed out.

“This attorney’s office was not the one that directed the investigation process of the case Odebrecht. However, we made a great effort; we took the case already in the trial stage and I understand we got the best of the products with what we had in hand”, added Judge Ortiz.

It should be noted that by June 13 the appeal of the judge’s past decision will be known.

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It is recalled that last October 15 the First Collegiate Court of the National Districtsentenced Ángel Rondón to eight years in prison for paying bribes and money laundering.

In addition, Victor Diaz Rua, sentenced to five years in prison. While Conrad PittalugaTommy Galan, Andres Bautista Garcia and Roberto Rodriguez They were discharged from criminal responsibility.

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