Magisterial Bloc announces that it will not support motion of censure against Minister Betssy Chávez

Magisterial Bloc announces that it will not support motion of censure against Minister Betssy Chávez

Congressman Alex Paredes (Bloque Magisterial) announced that his caucus will not support the motion of censure against the , which will be evaluated in the plenary session of Congress this week.

The parliamentarian asserted that, from this new group, they are sure that the questions that were raised to the member of the ministerial cabinet in the interpellation were resolved successfully.

We consider that the interpellation with the questions posed have been satisfied with the answers presented. So, it would not merit censorship, if that is the direction that has to be taken”, declared Paredes from outside the government palace after meeting with him President Pedro Castillo.

In that sense, he said that he hopes that at the time of voting on the motion of censure, presented by the Fuerza Popular bench, the congressmen adopt an objective and truthful position.

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Hopefully tomorrow you will be objective, be truthful. Regardless of who he is, he is a human being, he has a family behind him and not because one assumes political responsibilities does he have to be exposed to mistreatment, I believe that the lessons that must be given to the population is to try to regain credibilitysaid Alex Paredes.

In addition to this, he recalled the offensive adjectives that the third vice president of Congress, Patricia Chirinos (Avanza País), used against Betssy Chávez during her questioning.

I can disagree, but I have to know how to drive, even more so when it comes from an authority. The person (Patricia Chirinos) who used the adjectives is not just any person, she is not only a congressman, she is an authority“, he pointed.

Statements by Alex Paredes

Complaint against Dina Boluarte

Alex Walls avoided referring to the constitutional complaints filed by the Avanza País and Renovación Popular benches against Dina Boluarte for alleged violations of various articles of the Constitution, for which they recommend removing her from her positions as minister and vice president of the Republic, in addition to disqualifying her for 10 years of public service.

I can’t advance any position because I would disrespect my teammates. We must have a meeting, evaluate the elements of judgment and then transmit the position of the Magisterial Bloc“, Held.


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