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Ocumareños filled the streets in support of President Maduro

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Ocumareños filled the streets in support of President Maduro

The population of Ocumare del Tuy in the Tomás Lander municipality, Miranda state, filled the streets this Friday with a massive mobilization in support of President Nicolás Maduro Moros.

With balloons, flags, pennants, whistles and banners, the inhabitants gathered on Sucre street on the main avenue El Calvario, toured Barrio Central, La Cruz del Calvario, El Bosque, Las Dos Rosas and 23 de Enero in the “Hugo Chávez” road ring road of the Ocumare del Tuy parish, in rejection of the coercive and unilateral measures imposed against Venezuela.

The activity was headed by the mayoress and PSUV liaison of the Tomás Lander municipality, Dayana Báez; deputies of the National Assembly Antonio Galindez, Sony Sánchez and Leonardo Montezuma, Ruth Amatina, parliamentarians of the Miranda state Legislative Council and other personalities from the national and regional leadership of the pro-government party.

The mayors Jonathan Herrera Campos (Cúa) and Rayner Pulido Fuentes (Santa Teresa del Tuy) also joined the march of more than 5 kilometers.

Báez raised her voice to demand justice for women, children, adolescent girls and all the victims of the economic war.

He insisted on unity within the revolutionary ranks, in the Ocumareño people and to repudiate any attempt or act of aggression in the jurisdiction.

Teachers, UBCh, Clap leaders, seniors, youth, motorists, students, workers from the Venezuelan Cement Corporation, Miranda Gas Corporation and other companies participated in the Great Walk.

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