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Number of voters abroad grows 39%, says TSE

O Brazil will have 39.21% more Brazilians able to vote abroad in the October elections.Number of voters abroad grows 39%, says TSE

According to data from the electoral register, 697,000 voters will be able to vote for President of the Republic and Vice President, the only form of voting for those outside the country. In 2018, the country had 500,000 voters in this situation. The numbers were released by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) on July 15th.

According to the TSE, the register also points out that the number of voters abroad increased by 96.81% compared to the 2014 elections, when 354,184 voters were eligible.

Among the total number of people eligible to vote outside the country this year, 59% are men. As for education, 42% (292.7 thousand) have completed higher education.

Regarding age, 14.41% (100.4 thousand) of the electorate abroad are between 40 and 44 years old. Then there is the age group between 35 and 39 years old, which corresponds to 14.01% (97.6 thousand).

The deadline to apply to vote abroad ended in May.

*With information from the TSE

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