Now it is the turn of the 'chuteros', who show off their illicit activities on TikTok

Now it is the turn of the ‘chuteros’, who show off their illicit activities on TikTok

The so-called ‘chuteros’, who are people who are dedicated to bringing undocumented vehicles to the country, show off their illicit activities on TikTok, apologizing for crime, as well as a group of young people who were engaged in drug trafficking in the Cochabamba tropics and who were arrested a month ago by the Police, thanks to the footage they published boasting his life full of luxuries.

Several videos have the background song “Chutero soy”, by Simón La Torre and the owners of the social network accounts are shown driving expensive vehicles while cross the border with Chile through unauthorized steps to avoid controls of the military.

“Chutero without fear of death”, writes the user ericklima198 while playing a recording of a van that has several bullet wounds, after a chase with military. Another account with the name of kenway10 shows several trucks, minibuses and vehicles burning after a police intervention and writes: “we do not steal, we work hard like everyone else and there are people who are happy when we lose, when everything is taken from us, when they get the f… the military”.

In the other videos that are uploaded to the TikTok platform caravans of undocumented vehicles are seen traveling the Bolivian highlands at high speed, as they escape from the military. While, in other cases, they show motorized people crossing rivers and inhospitable areas with low temperatures.

Likewise, the same user kenway10 shows a film of a beach in vehicles with thousands of stranded units and write the question “Which one do you choose?”. Another account shows a cargo ship with hundreds of containers, which have motorized inside, which are unloaded and brought to Bolivia without papers to sell them at a lower cost.

In another similar case, the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking dismantled a criminal organization that was dedicated to the crystallization of cocaine. This operation occurred after those involved shared their life full of luxuries, product of illegal activityon their TikTok accounts in the last weeks of January.

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