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Novillo urges the armed forces to “guarantee the stability” of the Arce government

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Novillo urges the armed forces to "guarantee the stability" of the Arce government

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In the midst of preparations for the indefinite strike on Monday, Defense Minister Edmundo Novillo called on the Armed Forces (Armed Forces) to “guarantee the stability of the legally constituted government” after stating that President Luis Arce has full confidence in the military entity.

Novillo participated this Friday in the 35th anniversary of the Military Police Regiment-3 Gral. Esteban Arze, stationed in Cochabamba and from that stage he addressed the Bolivian military.

He stressed that they are “the basis on which the Bolivian’s military duty is based, which is to defend and preserve the independence of Bolivia, the security and stability of the State, its honor and the sovereignty of the country, as well as to ensure the empire of the Constitution, guarantee the stability of the legally constituted government and participate in the integral development of Bolivia ”.

In this context, he ratified the “broad confidence” that the head of state has in the military institution.

“President Luis Arce has broad confidence in the Armed Forces, for whose safety you ensure and he has it because the soldiers come from the Bolivian people, whose sons and daughters constitute the basis of the Mandatory and Voluntary Military Service, this is so because the process The change in which Bolivia finds itself began in 2006 and gave a new prominence to the popular sectors, who not only put their shoulders to the country, but also govern ”, added the head of the Defense portfolio.

The call comes three days after the protests scheduled for Monday, November 8, which were called by unions, civic groups and other sectors in rejection of Law 1386 on Strategy to Fight Against the Legitimization of Illegal Profits.

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In the last hours, the displacement of troops and military equipment drew the attention of a part of the citizens and opposition politicians. The Army reported that it is for their anniversary events to be held in the nine capitals of the country on November 13.

Novillo indicated that the soldiers are the representation of the people and that the process of change “gave prominence” to the popular sectors, who “put their shoulders and govern” the country.

It also indicated that the members of the Military Police Regiment were subjected to “harsh tests” during the government of former President Jeanine Añez, which he described as “de facto.” He also pointed out that the transition period was “buried by the majority vote” of the people in the 2020 general elections.

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