November 9 will be a National Holiday for the 2022 Census

After the intervention of the deputies Hugo Ramírez and Rocío Abed, who requested the approval of the bill that already had half a sanction from the Senate, the legal body was sanctioned and passed to the Executive Power for the corresponding decree.

According to this legal instrument, it is the obligation of all the inhabitants of the Republic, nationals or foreigners, to remain in their homes on that date until the census takers have visited them, as well as to provide truthfully and accurately the information requested by them to complete the census ticket.

The National Institute of Statistics (INE) is the government body responsible for planning, organizing and executing the activities of the National Population and Housing Census for the year 2022.

Officials and employees of the central administration and decentralized entities are obliged to lend their support to the 2022 Census in the event that the INE so requires; In addition, the INE calls on the general public to register as a census taker or supervisor.

The 2022 National Census will begin at 5:00 a.m. and end at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 9, in urban areas. While in rural areas it may continue for up to 2 weeks, due to the surface characteristics and distances from one home to another.

It is important to highlight that throughout the territory of the Republic, the circulation of means of transport of people and cargo will be suspended, with the exception of those that are at the service of the Census, as well as international transit and those related to security services, public and private medical assistance. The Executive Branch highlights the importance of the 2022 National Population and Housing Census:

“Carrying out a National Population and Housing Census is of vital importance for the country, since its results will allow pertinent and reliable diagnoses to be made that allow the implementation of public policies and adequate monitoring in the most diverse spheres of State activity, be they social , economic, cultural or demographic”, says the letter.

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