None of Bolsonaro towards Abdo on Itaipu issue

None of Bolsonaro towards Abdo on Itaipu issue

Mario Abdo Benítez, head of state, had to participate in the ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the construction of the Paraguay-Brazil Bioceanic Bridge. However, due to inclement weather, Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, could not attend, so the event was postponed until January.

Despite the absence, the authorities of both countries gave a few words to the press about the progress.

Mario Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic, pointed out that Bolsonaro is very sorry for not being able to attend the event. He explained that his Brazilian counterpart reached Campo Grande (Mato Grosso del Sur) by plane and that, due to the heavy rains, he could not continue advancing.

“He asked me please not to lift the cloth from the foundation stone because he wants to do with us. In the first days of January we will reschedule the meeting. In homage to the ties of friendship and this work, which is one of the most important in terms of connectivity between the two countries ”, he highlighted.

Arnoldo Wiens, Minister of Public Works (MOPC), reported, for his part, that the bridge is the link that did not allow connectivity in the region. He informed that the works will last 36 months in principle (3 years), but could be less according to the promise of the construction companies.

In addition to Abdo and Wiens, Óscar “Cachito” Salomón, president of the National Congress and César Diesel, president of the Supreme Court of Justice, among other national authorities, were present.

Before the press, Abdo Benítez, said that during the meeting the issue of the rate was not going to be discussed. However, as revealed by the same authorities of the Itaipu binational, this meeting should serve to finally define the cost of the rate for 2022.

It should be remembered that Brazil plans to lower the rate from US $ 22.60 to US $ 18.95. However, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they affirm that this is unacceptable on the part of Paraguay. Our country seeks to maintain costs.

Cecilia Vuyk, an energy expert, regrets that the discussion centers around the tariff, since this represents only the “tip of the iceberg” of what is really at stake.

“Focusing on the tariff would be a huge mistake that exactly follows the script put together by the Brazilian government of Itamarati, which is to divert attention from what is really at stake, which is the sale of energy, power and territory in Itaipu ”, he pointed out.

He regretted that Mario Abdo continues to bow his head to foreign interests, to the detriment of national interests, and warns that this new attempt at looting cannot be allowed to advance and become a reality.

“As we did with the Bilateral Act and in the previous attempt to lower the rate. The only guarantee of our sovereignty is the united mobilization of all citizens. We are attentive, attentive and alert. We will not allow any new delivery ”, he finally warned.

Cecilia Vuyk, energy expert.

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