No proposals came to make the PPP of the Magdalena River a reality

No proposals came to make the PPP of the Magdalena River a reality

In a public hearing, the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) closed the bidding process for the Magdalena River App project empty-handed, as no proposals arrived. The APP intended to solve the problem that for more than a decade has affected the navigability of the river, limiting its capacity in fluvial connection.

(Why the Magdalena River App generates concern).

It is worth remembering that this last date on which this process was closed had more than 20 days of extension for their offers to end (the initial date was May 27 and was moved to June 16).

The non-execution of this important project that connects the country, was alerted on the 18th by different unions indicating that indicating that the times would not wait, despite the fact that the ANI assured that both the adjudication of the process and the signature would be ready before the end of the current government.

Lucas Ávila, executive director of Asoportuaria, stated at the time he told Portfolio. “We do not have much clarity, there is uncertainty if the project is going to materialize or not, with the unions we see it very complicated that a project that was named by the Government as a priority is going to be left until the end.”

About the project, this would have an execution of 13 months in the pre-construction phase and the construction phase 4.5 years. The concession was estimated to be for 15 years and six months, in addition, the project would have an investment of $1.53 billion ($0.45 billion in works – capex and $1.08 billion in maintenance – opex.


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