"No misfortune has happened on the courts": in Peñarol they distance themselves from the Schiappacasse case

The soccer player Nicolas Schiappacasse had planned to sign a contract with Peñarol in the coming days, but that plan fell by the wayside after it was accused of trafficking and illegal possession of weaponssomething that will have it in pre-trial detention for the next 90 days while the investigation progresses.

The pro-secretary of the aurinegro team Jorge Nirenberg pointed out this Saturday in dialogue with The Observer that the president of the club, Ignacio Ruglio, was forceful in saying that “If things are as described, the player does not return to Peñarol”therefore, with the indictment ruling requested by the prosecutor Ana Dean, the player will no longer have a link with Peñarol.

Regarding possible changes in security by the institution, Nirenberg explained that Peñarol only has the power and the obligation to safeguard the security of the stadium and the club’s facilitiesand that in that sense there is no plan because “no misfortune has happened on the courts”and added that “You are safer on the pitch than off it.”

Nirenberg remarked that since he has been in the institution for four years, they have never talked about reinforcing security in the stands. Although the institution’s board of directors has not yet met to discuss the Schiappacasse case, the deputy secretary indicated that in conversations with the various leaders “the issue” of security has not even come up.

Schiappacasse fHe was confirmed as a Peñarol player on March 12, 2021, on loan from the Italian club Sassuolo, still owner of his pass. After six games at the beginning of the season – due to the pandemic the 2020 Uruguayan Championship ended in April – the player suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament and external lateral ligament in his left knee in May and missed the rest of the season.

In December his transfer contract endedbut the player stayed in the country because the intention of both the player and the club was to renew the loan, up to the events mentioned above.

The player processed today said that carried weapons to the Peñarol bars on several occasions, even to different club matches. On this, the director indicated that he thinks it is a “very delicate, very rare” issue, and does not understand why some fans carry weapons if “the gallery is only for them, among Peñarol fans.” “What do you carry weapons for, to play handsome?”he asked himself.

Regarding a possible control of the Peñarol players, Nirenberg explained that “there are not many alternatives” possible to control what the players do outside the courts or equipment facilities. “You are not going to requisition their house”he maintained, although he clarified that there will be no “double speech” in the face of attitudes similar to those of Schiappacasse within the areas where the club has powers.

outside the courts

The “classic de la garrafa” was the last violent incident involving Peñarol on the courts

Since 2016, Peñarol has not had a serious security problem in the stands: on October 23 of that year, a match between this club and Rampla Juniors was suspended due to a gunshot wounded in the Amsterdam Tribune of the Centennial Stadium – where Peñarol’s brave fans go when they play in that stadium – and the game was suspended at halftime.

On November 30, in that same place, the famous jug Incident, which was launched by the Peñarol bias to a group of police officers who were in the vicinity of the Centennial, prior to a classic between Peñarol and Nacional in which the latter took the three points without playing.

However, this last month he has had two serious incidents off the pitch. On January 10, Ignacio Galván was assassinated.a 17-year-old Peñarol fan who was riding a bicycle through the La Unión neighborhood wearing a club shirt.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Galván was killed by a Nacional fan who wanted to avenge Washington Omar Simonpart of the National brava bar prosecuted for the murder of Hernán Fiorito in Santa Lucía in 2016, and who also fHe died that January 10 due to complications caused by a shot received at the Vía Blanca fair on January 6, in a fight between fans of Nacional and Peñarol. Prosecutor Carlos Negro told a press conference that the murder of Simón It is related to the events that occurred in Santa Lucía six years ago.

Assistant Secretary Nirenberg indicated that Peñarol is in charge of “safety on the field”and that Outside, it is the Ministry of the Interior that must ensure the safety of the people.

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