No imputations will be made with data from Seprelad

No imputations will be made with data from Seprelad

In a meeting of the board of directors with the Attorney General, Sandra Quiñónez, according to Salyn Buzarquis, both Quiñónez and Osmar Legal implied that they will not charge Cartes because the new elements “do not match” with the folder they have.

Osmar Legal acknowledged that the report was sent last week and from there they concluded that there are disparities between what was “leaked” to the media and what Seprelad sent to the Public Ministry. In turn, he stressed that the report is preliminary and must be analyzed in detail, therefore, charges cannot be made in advance.

“This is in an investigative line and I cannot conclude that there is sufficient evidence for an imputation. We will take an objective time to build a particular fact on the line that we have already drawn. I cannot talk about the details of the investigations because they are intelligence, we are going to draw the normative criteria and then we will work on that, “Legal said at the end of the meeting.

Likewise, he said that they cannot talk about time to determine the final actions that they will develop, but that when they have sufficient suspicions in normative terms of what the criminal procedure code asks for, they will make the corresponding decision: if it is an imputation or another measure.

For his part, Senator Jorge Querey pointed out that there are few expectations and hopes regarding the investigation that may be carried out in the case, taking into account the results of the board meeting.

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