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No course to 2024

What is coming is another presidential speech in which he will again blame the de facto powers and the opposition for all the country’s ills, this time the “destruction” of the democratic system. And that will give new strength to his base to now cross the Mexican customs of 2023.

In all this environment, the opposition has been characterized by a complete inability to understand, on the one hand, the presidential game; and on the other, the urgent need to change backgrounds to work on recovering credibility, trust and social legitimacy.

While the president is firm with strategy and objective, the opposition goes aimlessly, accumulating error after error, leaving the way clear for the ‘4Teista’ project.

Since the 2021 elections, the opposition’s attempted strategy has been clearly unsuccessful, starting with the brilliant idea of ​​formally and publicly uniting in an electoral alliance, which, far from helping them, reduced the possibility of more votes that would wrest the simple majority from the 4T call.

Many think that the alliance strategy is the only way to face the so-called 4T. Those of us who know and understand a little more about the social reality of Mexico know from the numbers that it was counterproductive; and the president himself knew it and enjoyed it.

Morena, despite its obvious divisions and internal struggles, remains at the forefront in voting intentions thanks to its presidential leader. While both PRI and PAN continue to be immersed in their problems caused by the petty and very personal interests of their leaders.

They insist on maintaining an unnatural alliance by 2024 as the only way to face the inevitable in the presidential race. But they do not understand that, for their survival, it is not the presidential election that they must work on as a priority.

The opposition parties do not have, so far, the slightest chance of achieving anything in the presidential election. They do not have visible candidates in any party, nor the mobilization structures, nor the social legitimacy, nor agendas to champion.

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