Los productos preferidos por estas empresas n el Banco Popular son las cuentas bancarias, seguido de las tarjetas de crédito y los préstamos.

Nine out of 10 companies do business with Banco Popular

Santo Domingo, DN – The Dominican Popular Bankwithin the framework of the National Day of Private Enterprise, reported that nine out of ten Dominican companies do business with the banking entityspecifically, 11,777 large SMEs, companies and corporations out of a total universe of 13,076 units, according to the registry of taxpayers of the General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) and other records of business activity, updated to the month of April of this year.

These data contemplate those companies that have some type of commercial relationship with this banking entity and whose size has a real multiplier effect on the economy, being also job creators. Specifically, they generate 684,361 direct jobs, representing 31.5% of all existing formal jobs in the country, according to statistics from the Continuous Labor Market Survey.

By economic sector, these large SMEs and companies are concentrated in retail and wholesale trade, insurance, automobiles, tourism, product manufacturing, and construction. His preferred products at Banco Popular are bank accounts, followed by credit cards and loans.

In 2021, 174 companies with this classification were created. Of this total, 140 companies, equivalent to 80%, have at least one financial product with Popular.

Digitality and wide contribution of jobs

The wide presence of the digitized company among the companies that do business with Popular is a distinctive sign of these clients. 92% are affiliated with Internet Banking Popular, the bank’s online banking platform. Meanwhile, 43% reach the level of digital experts, which facilitates the daily management of their financial operations and better control of the company.

These figures reveal the bank’s constant support and level of relationship with the country’s productive sectors, reaffirming the bank’s vocation to be a catalyst for the nation’s sustainable economic, social, and environmental development.

In addition to a broad portfolio of products and services to meet business needs, Popular has platforms that promote the training and competitiveness of Dominican companies, such as Impulsa Popular for SMEs, Banca 360 for the business segment, and ProExporta Popular for companies that want to expand their activity in other markets.

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