Nimio Cardozo: “Operative began at dawn on Friday”

Nimio Cardozo, anti-kidnapping director of the National Police, in an interview for 730 AM, stated that the operation to arrest those involved in the murder of Marcelo Pecci began at dawn on Friday.

“I don’t want to go into details, but an operation that began at dawn in Colombia has just been completed. The arrest warrants have already been carried out. There are five detainees, ”he said.

A press conference by the Colombian authorities is expected in the next few hours. These arrests occur 24 days after the attack.

According to the details, the plan was conceived with the arrival of Pecci in Colombia. On May 5, when the prosecutor was visiting Cartagena with his wife, five men and a woman met in Envigado to plan the murder.

The woman and a 23-year-old individual had the mission of reporting each of the movements of the newlyweds.

On May 6, two Venezuelan men and a Colombian, a native of Cartagena, were responsible for the attack. The Venezuelans attacked the prosecutor, while the Colombian was in charge of the transport.

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