Is it appropriate to increase the minimum wage for municipal workers?

Is it appropriate to increase the minimum wage for municipal workers?

The government ordered an increase in the Minimum Vital Remuneration (RMV) of 950 to 1025 soles starting in May for all workers who work under the regime of law 728But do municipalities have to abide by the rule? Do they have a budget?

The regional manager of Labor, José Luis Carpio Quintana, pointed out that the heads of Human Resources have doubts, because, on the one hand, the Supreme Decree No. 003-2022-RT of April 6 of this year increases RMV.

But on the other, there is Law 31365 on the Public Sector Budget that prohibits the increase remuneration, bonus and other type of payment, due to austerity.


Given the ambiguity, they consulted the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and Serve. The MEF, in a response to the Municipality of San Borja, said that the increase is not applicable for workers of the 728 and CAS regimeprecisely because of the Budget Law, while Servir ruled in favor of an increase in remuneration for CAS servers.

Specialist in municipal law, George Sumary, pointed out that the municipalities must abide by the readjustment, because the norm is for all areas, oblivious to the dilemma if the budget exists or not.

  • Some municipalities have money to increase cleaning workers, park maintenance, night watchmen.

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