Nikao: & quot; We were able to show maturity, we played a nice game and we were victorious & quot;

Nikao: & quot; We were able to show maturity, we played a nice game and we were victorious & quot;

Excited and “happy” to have scored the goal that crowned the Athletico Paranaense as two-time champion of the South American Cup, Nikao He said the team was able to show its “maturity” and play a “nice game” against a difficult opponent like him. Red Bull Bragantino.

The Brazilian midfielder who scored the only goal of the final of the South American Cup that was played this Saturday at the stadium Centennial of Montevideo, declared to the press to be happy to have contributed with the title.

“I am very happy and I think I am dreaming of being able to live these days, at the end of the season, to win more than one great title with this shirt,” he said, to which he said he was sure that Curitiba it’s going to dawn “red and black” tomorrow.

In addition, he pointed out that the little wind of the Montevideo afternoon gave him the chance to take advantage of the ball in the air that he managed to make 1-0 against him. Red Bull Bragantino.

“It is a moment where one has a few seconds to define and as there was little wind the tendency is for the ball to be suspended and that is what happened, if there was a strong wind it would hardly be right”, said the footballer.

For his part, the Uruguayan David terans, said having lived with “very great” emotion the victory of his team with the special touch of playing it in his native country and highlighted the talent of Nikao, who witnessed the two victories of the Athletico Paranaense on the South American.

“That he is with us is a great pride and I hope that he can stay a long time here at the club,” he concluded.

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