Nichols reiterates that it is not "convenient" to include in the Summit of the Americas countries that "lack democracy"

Nichols reiterates that it is not “convenient” to include in the Summit of the Americas countries that “lack democracy”

The United States Undersecretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Brian A. Nichols, assured that there is “little probability” that the regimes of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela will be invited to the IX Summit of the Americas, considering that these countries “lack to democracy”.

“Our base in the hemisphere is democracy. We have the Democratic Charter of the Americas, the OAS Charter, the Quebec and Lima declarations. There is a democratic sentiment and vision in the Americas and we are going to respect that. And, therefore, it does not seem convenient to us to include countries that disrespect democracy,” said Nichols when questioned by the Spanish newspaper The country about the presence of the three countries at the summit.

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The US official made it clear that there is a “low probability” that these countries will be invited to such an event, “but the invitations are the responsibility of the White House and the formal invitations have not yet left the White House,” Nichols said.

Regimes from Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela could be left out of the Summit of the Americas. Photo: Internet

On May 3, Nichols declared that the United States, as the host country, would not invite the dictatorships of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to the Summit of the Americas, which will take place in Los Angeles from June 8 to 10. This decision has caused disagreement with some leaders in the region and they have rejected the decision of the Joe Biden government.

This Wednesday, the president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, questioned the legitimacy of the event on her Twitter account and assured that if all nations are not present, “it is not the Summit of the Americas.”

The international political analyst, Carlos Murillo, recently said in an interview with Article 66 that the decision of the Government of the United States to exclude Nicaragua from the Summit of the Americas “is a very serious mistake by the (Joseph) Biden administration” because by not inviting Daniel Ortega “it does not change the criteria that the country has regarding those governments and regimes, rather it would allow him to transmit a message of defense of democracy and respect for human rights».

Murillo stated that the exclusion of the Managua regime from the Summit of the Americas will not have any repercussions because Ortega and Murillo “are not interested in what the United States decides beyond what affects the family assets of the corporation that is the regime.” and that keeps Nicaragua and its economy captured.

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For its part, the Blue and White National Unity (Unab) stated that the regime will be “exposed” through a complaint at the IX Summit of the Americas to be held in Los Angeles, California, from June 6 to 10. The opposition group will denounce in a regional forum the serious situation of the political prisoners who are detained in the cells of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance (DAJ), known as “El Nuevo Chipote.”

“We denounce the torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment to which political prisoners are subjected. The Ortega Murillo regime puts their lives in danger and it is urgent that they be released immediately to avoid another death as happened in the case of retired General Hugo Torres Jiménez”, is part of the Unab complaint before the international community.

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