Nicaraguan regime removes its representative in the Dominican Republic

The Nicaraguan regime continues with its diplomatic storm, which is evidenced by the removal of positions of its delegates in the foreign service.

This Friday, June 2, it was published in La Gaceta, the official newspaper, that another counselor minister was removed from his position. The ministerial agreement number 21-2023 of Foreign Relations, entity in charge of Foreign Minister Denis Moncada, established the dismissal of Walter Antonio Meza Zambrana, who served as Ortega’s delegate since 2019 in the Dominican Republic.

In his place will be Mario José Armengol Campos, under the position of counselor minister with consular functions of the Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua in the Dominican Republic.

According to the LinkedIn profile, Armengol studied at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua and has a master’s degree in Sociology of Development. He worked at the Nicaraguan Institute for Municipal Development and describes himself as a young professional who has held “leadership positions, with extensive knowledge in Development, Sociology, International Relations, Political Science and Education. With capacity and skills for management, planning, analysis, training and teamwork.

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Both the dismissal and the appointment were made on May 29 and although it was not until June 2 that they made it official with the publication in La Gaceta.

In May, Moncada also annulled the appointment of Isaac Lenin Bravo Jaen, a former leader of the National Union of Nicaraguan Students (UNEN) who held the position of Nicaraguan ambassador to Iran, a position he assumed in 2020.

Vice President Rosario Murillo has stated that these movements are due to the development and competence of diplomats, without giving more details of the changes they have made in recent months.

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