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Nicaraguan regime disguises “house as prison” against Humberto Ortega with “permanent medical care”

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Nicaraguan regime disguises “house as prison” against Humberto Ortega with “permanent medical care”

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo ordered “house for prison” disguised as “permanent medical care” against the brother of the dictator and retired general Humberto Ortega Saavedra, who in recent days has been in the public eye after making statements against the government and, subsequently, being the victim of raids and theft of his personal electronic devices.

This Tuesday, May 21, the Ministry of Health (MINSA) and the Sandinista Police released a statement to inform that “a medical team made up of specialists from the MINSA and private family doctors “has visited and assessed the health condition of Ortega Saavedra, in his residence.”

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ANDl report claims that a cardiologisteither head office carried out “all necessary assessments” and ruled HOS remains “stable in his condition of Coronary Patientand other conditions typical of their age and underlying illnesses.

Although the MINSA affirms that the dictator’s brother has “good health conditions,” a Specialized Medical Care Unit will remain “to take care of the ailments that have afflicted and afflict the General Ortega».

Likewise, in what appears to be an attempt to “house for jail” and exercise “extreme surveillance,” a “team of specialists will be in place.” permanent communication, coordination and visits” with HOS.

The statement, which was published in the official propaganda media, adds that any other information related to the case of the former military man, “if necessary, will be conveyed through official notes like these.”

Declarations of death

Recently, in an opinion article published in the newspaper La Prensa, HOS warned of the possibility that the United States, if deemed essential, could carry out a “surgical, lightning” military operation to overthrow its brother.

The brother of the dictator Ortega warned that after the death of the leader, power “has no guarantees of succession”, neither in the Sandinista party nor in the Ortega-Murillo family, so he believes that the Army will lead a kind of custody of order internal until elections are called.

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After providing these statements, the head of the 1980s Army had his cell phones and computers seized, according to the independent media outlet on its website. Police patrols arrived at Ortega’s home on the night of Sunday, May 19. The operation was directed by Commissioner Vladimir Cerda.

Humberto is convalescing at his residence in Managua due to heart conditions, as he himself revealed to the Argentine media Infobae in an extensive interview published this weekend. In that conversation with journalist Fabián Medina he points out that there are people within the circle of power who want to kill him, which led him to suffer reprisals.

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