Nicaraguan dictator "visited for humanism" his brother Humberto Ortega

Nicaraguan dictator “visited for humanism” his brother Humberto Ortega

Through a press release, the Nicaraguan government reported that the dictator Daniel Ortega visited his brother, the retired general, on December 23 Humberto Ortega Saavedrastating that he has “serious health problems, with consequent weaknesses and acute collateral illnesses.”

In the letter, dated January 1, the regime denied the various reports on social networks, which indicated that the meeting between the two brothers had been for political reasons.

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“Encouraged by blood family ties, Commander Daniel wanted to greet his brother, who is very weak, without any pretense or political exchange, which was never the objective of his visit, since at that level there is no communication, nor is it foreseen», justified the dictatorship.

He added that the Nicaraguan dictator, “aware and aware of the serious deterioration and seriousness of his brother’s health (…) had the gesture of going personally to express his solidarity.”

Nicaraguan dictator “visited for humanism” his brother Humberto Ortega

To the previous assertion, the Ortega government added a series of disqualifying adjectives against the information that Daniel Ortega met with Humberto so that he can be the link for the international community so that the president opens up to a dialogue that seeks a solution to the country crisis.

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“Therefore, the Presidency of the Republic makes it completely clear that any other version of this humanitarian meeting is rude and insolent speculation, senseless manipulation, complete falsehood, and obvious, fraudulent, irresponsible, lamentable, and impossible, lies and deceit.”

The news of the meeting between the Ortega brothers came after the journalist Emiliano Chamorro circulated, through Twitter, a video where a caravan of police vehicles guarding the Mercedes Benz in which the Nicaraguan dictator travels, entering the residence of Humberto, which generated speculation that the meeting was for political purposes.

Nicaraguan dictator "visited for humanism" his brother Humberto Ortega
The dictators of Nicaragua are involved in a lawsuit before the event in honor of Roberto Clemente

It should be noted that on December 31, Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo staged an altercation when they were on their way to an event in honor of Puerto Rican baseball player Roberto Clemente, declared a National Hero of Nicaragua.

In the images disseminated in the media of government propaganda, it was possible to observe the moment in which Murillo exchanged words with Ortega and he leaves her talking to herself, causing the deputy president to quickly leave the place.

In recent years, the hostility between Daniel and Humberto Ortega has become more palpable to the point that the president has branded Humberto a “traitor”, a “seller”, a “terrorist”, a “pawn of imperialism” and, finally, even a “moron”.

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