Court officials clone checks to empty accounts

Court officials clone checks to empty accounts

The general director of internal audit detailed to the plenary session of the Supreme Court of Justice how corrupt officials of the Judiciary reprinted checks to empty judicial accounts of individual litigants.

Miguel Basualdo, general director of internal audit of the Judiciary, gave a detailed report of what the audit carried out in the Accounting Office of the Courts detected, from where 900 checks disappeared and how the unfaithful officials of the Judiciary took advantage of the vulnerability of the system to change the natural holder of the checks, so that they pocket the amounts destined to the true owners of those legal accounts opened in litigation between individuals.

“The comprehensive audit has a before and after, based on some mistrust, the head of check issuance is changed, we started working and we thought it was a procedural problem, the auditor detected evidence of payment of certain checks that were called their attention, including that they were being paid without payment orders that must be ordered by the courts”

“We began to sharpen the pencils and the auditor made a note to me that certain directors at that time were the ones who validated and requested the payments of those checks and then we requested the intervention of the Court Accounting Office, the indications were confirmed, we had some collaboration, The issue was that the checks were printed taking into account the weaknesses of the computer system, old accounts, the real beneficiaries were changed by other people, that was unfortunately done among the people who cashed these checks were officials of the Judiciary, “he said Basualdo.

The case is already in the hands of the Public Ministry, which is investigating the treacherous case involving judicial officials unfaithful to their work and who have allegedly already been removed from office. Justice assistants also reportedly participated in the same criminal scheme.

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