Nicaraguan Assembly formalizes the cancellation of more than 40 NGOs

Nicaraguan Assembly formalizes the cancellation of more than 40 NGOs

The Nicaraguan regime made official the cancellation of the legal personality of 19 non-profit organizations through its publication in the Official Gazette. The request to outlaw NGOs had been approved last week by the steamroller of Ortega deputies with 75 votes in favor, zero against, 15 abstentions and one present. Among the cancellations is the renowned Granada International Poetry Festival Foundation.

Through the decrees numbers 8799 and 8800 «the General Directorate of Registration and Control of Non-Profit Organizations, which for this purpose leads to the Ministry of the Interior, must proceed to cancel the respective registration of each of these associations / foundations contained in this article within a period of no more than seventy-two hours,” the publication refers.

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The head of the official caucus, Edwin Castro; and deputy Filiberto Rodríguez, president of the Peace, Defense, and Interior Commission; They affirmed that the new “headless” NGOs do not comply with the laws and regulations that govern them.

Daniel Ortega’s regime formalizes cancellation of 19 NGOs.

Among the organizations banned on May 19, is the Nicaraguan Organization of Advertising Agencies (ONAP), although the latter issued a statement indicating that since November 11, 2019 they have been registered in the register of Chambers, Federations and Business Federations.

“In compliance with the provisions of Law 849 “General Law of Chambers, Federations and Union and Business Confederations of Nicaragua”, we ceased to be an association to become a Chamber,” Onap explained.

As for the Poetry Festival, it was an event that was held in Granada and brought together poets from all countries, but due to the 2018 protests, it was decided to cancel it in person.

The other 17 non-governmental organizations whose legal status was canceled by the dictatorship are the Foundation for Sustainable Development, the Unity Association for the Progress of North and Central Nicaragua (UNIPRONC), and the Association for Municipal Development (MUNICIPAL DEVELOPMENT).

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Also on the list are the Federation of the Superior Council of Micro, Small and Maidana Enterprises (COSUMIPYME), the Association of Journalists and Environmental Communicators of Nicaragua, the Coordinating Association of Rural Women, the Institute for Research and Sociocultural Development Foundation of Las Segovias (INDESCU), Association for Social Development (ASODES), Association for Northern Municipal Development.

In addition, the legal entities of the Association for the Comprehensive Development of Women (APADEIM), the Cosigüina Foundation, the Comprehensive Foundation for Ecofuel Rural Development (FIDRE), and the “Humberto Argüello Cerda” Foundation were also cancelled.

United Costeños Foundation for Self-managed and Sustained Integration and Development of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, HUEHUETLATOLLI “CICAPH” Research and Training Association, Association for the Humanization of Life, Tunki-Wanki Foundation (TUNKI-WANKI),.

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