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Ana María Aragonés: Ken Salazar: dangerous interference

After the pandemic, the migratory phenomenon requires new global tools that allow redirecting the course that was practically blocked due to the needs, valid or not, to avoid contagion by covid-19. Of the 277 million people who live somewhere other than their own, 192 million come from low- and middle-income countries. Which means that the outstanding component of the global economy has been international labor migration. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates that 800 million people in the world depend on remittances to supplement their income or is more than part of it. These are financial flows that in most cases were reduced, which affected the receiving countries. Not so in Mexico, whose amounts increased and received 51 billion dollars in 2021. The world total of remittances stood at 541 billion dollars, that is, triple the official development assistance and 80 percent more than foreign direct investment. And, as can be assumed, the leonine commissions charged by the different financial instruments were maintained, regardless of the pitiful conditions that were being experienced. The “voluntary” returns, the deportations, the forced quarantines, the people trapped in destination countries, the overcrowding contrary to what was required to avoid contagion, the migrants faced the so-called “border security governance” applied since the 9/11 attacks. September to stop alleged terrorists, that is, controls, containment and isolation whose consequences were incalculable.

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