Nicaragua will carry out a drill with a scenario similar to that of tropical storm Bonnie

Nicaragua will carry out a drill with a scenario similar to that of tropical storm Bonnie

The Government of Nicaragua reported this Tuesday that it will carry out a disaster drill with a scenario similar to that of tropical storm Bonnie, which left floods in different areas as it passed through the southern part of the country last Saturday.

The drill, called “National exercise of preparation to protect life in multi-threat situations”, was scheduled for next July 7, in 6,700 localities of the 153 municipalities of Nicaragua, according to the authorities.

“This second national exercise is going to have as a hypothesis a scenario quite similar to the one we just went through, we mean that we are going to work with a hypothesis in which we have a strong component of meteorological phenomena,” the director of the National System told reporters. for the Prevention, Mitigation and Attention of Disasters (Sinapred), Guillermo González.

The scenario that Bonnie established in Nicaragua last weekend consisted of intense and persistent rains, with maximum sustained winds of 65 km/h, strong waves in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, as well as in the Great Lake, in addition to swollen rivers. , flooding, and landslide threats.

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At least four people died in rivers whose flows grew during the days of rain caused by Bonnie’s passage in Nicaragua, but the Government denied the relationship of the tragedies with the tropical storm.

“Without a doubt, it calls on us all to put into practice what we have been working on: family, community, municipal plans, all the preparatory work that we have done through the different institutions to be able to act at the time of these circumstances as a single fist to achieve that enormous objective that is to safeguard the life of our country,” González said.

The disaster drill scheduled for next Thursday was originally scheduled for last week, but was postponed due to Bonnie’s threat.

Nicaragua carries out this type of exercise at least three times a year because it is a “multi-hazard” country, that is, a volcanic eruption, earthquake, tsunami, storm, flood or landslide can occur at any time, among others. other natural phenomena.

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