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Nicaragua signs cooperation agreements with Iran amid protests

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Nicaragua signs cooperation agreements with Iran amid protests

Nicaragua signed a new agreement with Iran on economic and cooperation matters, reported the Managua Foreign Ministry in a press release.

The objective of this new deal is to “consolidate relations of friendship and cooperation” between the two countries, Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada said on Monday.

“We seek the best conditions, overcome relative poverty in each of our countries, according to their own conditions and advance the common good of our peoples,” added Moncada in what would be the 14th document signed between the two nations in what would goes of the year

However, opponents consider that Managua’s rapprochement with Tehran is a provocation to the United States, which maintains tense diplomatic relations with the Persian country, especially since Washington has condemned the execution of at least two protesters detained in the protests that shake this country.

“The friendship that the Ortega dictatorship has with Iran is a dangerous relationship. It endangers the Nicaraguan people and could involve us in future conflicts that are not healthy for the country,” he told the voice of america the opposition Luis Fley, exiled in the United States.

For his part, the political analyst, Néstor Rosanía, agrees that Nicaragua’s strategy is to strengthen its ties with the enemies of Western democracies, as occurred during the Cold War.

“Nicaragua is becoming a new Cuba, an isolated country without greater trade and with human rights violations,” he said in statements to the VOA.

Nicaragua has a special relationship with Iran. In fact, Ortega has referred to the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 as “a twin revolution” of the Sandinista popular uprising, which achieved its victory against the government of Anastasio Somoza Debayle, in the same year.

That closeness continued after Ortega left power after losing the 1990 elections and became evident as soon as the Sandinista leader returned to the presidency in 2007.

Ortega named Mohammed Lashtar, a Libyan nationalized Nicaraguan, a nephew of Gaddafi and linked to the Libyan intelligence services, as his “secretary and private adviser for international affairs.”

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