Nicaragua Investiga recovers its website after five hours of blockade

Nicaragua Investiga recovers its website after five hours of blockade

After about five hours offline, the website of the digital media outlet Nicaragua Investiga was restored after being taken down due to a series of “copyright” complaints imposed by the Production Bank (Banpro) for the use of a photograph in one of his newspaper articles.

“The site was out of service from around 9 in the morning and was restored at around 2 in the afternoon, after a campaign of complaints on social networks that achieved a six-hour extension for the site,” he published in his Nicaragua Investiga website after putting the page online.

The accusations arise from October 2021 when the outlet published a profile of the political prisoner on its website where it used a photograph of Rivas Anduray with the bank’s logo in the background, the image was taken from the archive of El Nuevo Diario, a newspaper of the that the prisoner of conscience was a director.

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“We had been filing a number of complaints on our website which put their stay online at risk. There have been a series of systematic attacks since October of last year (2021). They had not prospered because we had tried to resolve the situation and I must admit that we had refused to make this complaint so that all Nicaraguans would know about it out of fear,” said Jennifer Ortiz, director of the multimedia platform.

The profile collected testimonies from journalists who worked at that time in El Nuevo Diario and explained that Anduray was very harsh with journalists and that he tried not to confront the government in his informative notes.

The director of the media said that it is a “worrying and unfortunate situation that the media is facing the powers that be in the country. Daniel Ortega is our immediate enemy but he is not the only enemy we have; once Daniel Ortega leaves, the situation will not change », she lamented.

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