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Nicaragua denies entry to Cuban doctor Alexander Jesús Figueredo

Madrid Spain.- The Nicaraguan government denied entry to its territory to Cuban doctor Alexander Jesús Figueredo Izaguirre, the Free Cuban Medical Guild denounced this Sunday.

Figueredo Izaguirre, a specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine and a resident of Urology, was disqualified last November from practicing his profession in Cuba, for continuing to denounce the violation of Human Rights by the regime and the problems of the health system on the Island.

“Nicaragua has just denied entry to Dr. Alexander Jesús Figueredo. Alexander lost his job in Cuba because of his outspoken stance against the Cuban government and has been systematically harassed. That’s right, they just denied Dr. Figueredo Izaguirre entry to Nicaragua and he couldn’t fly today, ”explained the Free Cuban Medical Guild through Facebook.

According to this organization, they told him that he was no longer regulated, they let him get his passport, buy his plane ticket and in his way to the airport They told him that he could not travel.

“We have to look for alternatives so that he is really released since in Cuba he only has prison,” the publication claims.

The group also recalled that it is not the first time that the Nicaraguan regime, in complicity with the Cuban authorities, has denied entry to its territory to Caribbean opponents, referring to reporters Hector Luis Valdes Cocho and Esteban Rodriguez and the scientist Oscar Casanella.

Last November, denouncing that the regime disqualified his title doctor, Alexander Jesús Figueredo expressed: “I did not commit any violation of the Hippocratic Oath. I only declared myself anti-communist and declared myself an enemy of all the injustices that they are doing here, not only in the System of Healthbut in everything, and that we want a change”.

Figueredo, who was among the promoters of the Civic March for Change in Cuba, had been expelled in April 2021 from the 13 de Marzo polyclinic in the municipality of Bayamo, Granma, where he worked.

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