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New SNPP headquarters inaugurated in Guarambaré

Through the courses that will be given in the new training center, the residents will have new knowledge and skills that will improve their employment opportunities or they will be able to carry out their own profitable enterprises.

The new headquarters of the SNPP of Guarambaré will be a space to train labor and improve the productivity of workers within the framework of the National Vocational Training Strategy.

The space will serve to house the first regional headquarters of the Entrepreneur Training Center (CEE), which aims to increase the skills of entrepreneurs to maintain their businesses over time, promoting the formalization of self-employment and profitable ventures through of orientation, training, technical assistance and articulation with the other actors of the national and international entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The new headquarters has seven classrooms, a multipurpose workshop with changing rooms, as well as a data center and a warehouse. In the administrative block there is an area for customer service, direction and secretariat, as well as a room for instructors, another for nursing and restrooms.

The inaugurated work is fully equipped with high-quality practice tools to offer courses in refrigeration, electricity, construction, operation of heavy machinery, computer science, industrial safety, entrepreneurship, administration, sales, commercial cashier, soft skills, oratory, among others.

The entrance New SNPP headquarters inaugurated in Guarambaré was first published in diary TODAY.

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