New political movement “Yellows for Chile” criticizes the Convention and warns: “We will exercise the legitimate and necessary right to criticize if the Convention goes astray and leads us to a dead end

New political movement "Yellows for Chile" criticizes the Convention and warns: "We will exercise the legitimate and necessary right to criticize if the Convention goes astray and leads us to a dead end

The new political movement “Yellows for Chile”, which has the presence of well-known faces of national politics, declared itself in a document against the Constitutional Convention, alluding, among other things, to its “refoundational euphoria.”

“We yellows feel the passion for what is possible, which consists of doing things well done, achieving the necessary changes without destroying what is good, betting on a better future without thinking that we are starting from scratch,” the text begins. “History -especially in Latin America- has shown that going after the impossible and refounding everything, instead of solving inequalities and abuses, has only brought more suffering and more poverty for the great majority,” he adds.

The statement, signed by Carolina Goic, Fulvio Rossi, Jaime Campos, Andrés Velasco, Mariana Aylwin, Jorge Burgos, among other prominent figures, summons the drafting body, to thus avoid what they call an “institutional explosion.”

“When the possibility arises that the Constitutional Convention, instead of offering the country a Constitution that includes us all and helps build a social pact, leads us to a dead end that pushes many of those who voted ‘I approve ‘ and they want the constitutional process to result, to be left with no other possible option than to oppose a ‘No’ to a Constitution that does not represent us all,” they maintain.

“Many of the proposals that have emanated from the commissions and some of those that are already reaching 2/3 in plenary are turning on the alert signal among those of us who do not want the deconstruction of Chile, nor its dismemberment, nor its refoundation from scratch. , but a new beginning that gathers the best that we have all built together in these decades”, they underline. “The spirit that must prevail in the Convention must be that of dialogue, conversation, truly listening to those who think differently,” they add.

On the other hand, “Yellows for Chile” maintains that they have given their first official statement to “contribute to this fundamental crossroads of our political and institutional history” and give their opinion regarding the process of drafting a new Magna Carta.

“We are here to support any initiative that goes in the direction of balance, moderation, common sense, unrestricted respect for Democracy (without surnames), the Rule of Law, freedom and also the promotion of social rights, reforming and improving both the market and the State”, establishes the text. “We will loudly raise our voice against any attempt to lead us down the wrong path to repeat failed refoundational experiments in all parts of the world,” he adds.

Given its support for the drafting body, the political movement announced that they will support it as long as it follows the path that they believe is correct.

“We will support the work of the Convention if it advances in the indicated democratic direction, but
we will exercise the legitimate and necessary right to criticize if the Convention goes astray and leads us into an alley
No Exit. Failure to do so would be irresponsible. We are worried, we set off the alarms and
turning them on does not mean being catastrophic. A catastrophe would be to arrive at an unpresentable text at the end of
discussion or not having any text to present,” the document details.

“This is our first statement, but it will not be the last. We want many Chileans who today feel politically orphaned, to know that the Amarillos are here and now, at this moment
decisive in our history. Yellow is one of the fundamental colors of spring and that is what
what we want for Chile, not a regression or a leap into the void”, they conclude.


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